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Liquid Storage Terminal Services

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The Liquid Storage facility of Friends group of Company in this segment are approved for A, B & C class of Liquid Chemicals, Petroleum products and Edible Oil. These include the biggest Liquid Storage Tank in private sector at single location with a capacity of 5,10,000 KL. Taking its strength a step further , the company has developed Rack loading facility and augmenting his strength by 1,30,000 KL , which will raise installed capacity to 6,40,000 KL with market share of more than 35% at port of Kandla by single Group. Friends group has enough infrastructure to cater the delivery of all Importers and Exporters needs like delivery of 7000 Mt/Day, exclusive pumps for export vessels at the rate of more than 500 Kl/Hr, Full proof computerized inventory control system, 14 Electronic computerized 60 Mt & 100 MT capacity weigh bridges, round the clock delivery of edible oil and nitrogen plant installed for pigging and blanketing of highly inflammable products. Friends group has total 208 Tanks of various size and capacity varies from 600 KL to 7000 KL.

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