About Hydroxystearic Acid

12 HSA is an off-white solid fatty acid used to manufacture lithium and calcium based lubricating greases. When reacted with an ester, 12 HSA provides a hard finish for the automotive and small appliance industries. 12 HSA is used in grease manufacture, plastics lubrication and as a raw material for the synthesis of more complex chemicals. It is used as a high hydroxyl castor based wax, as a wax ingredient. 12-HSA based greases have excellent heat tolerance like the sodium greases and the water resistance of calcium greases. The addition of 12 HSA enhances the overall performance with better texture, improved heat stability and improved dropping points. 12 HSA soaps are used in mineral oil-based multipurpose greases making it possible for grease to fill the requirements of a variety of needs in the automotive and truck greases.